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Seninay General Trading & Contracting Co. was established in 2017 in Makkah to work in the commercial and contracting fields of all kinds.
During the course of its progress, the company succeeded and developed to become a specialized technical and administrative staff with high experience in the fields of trade and contracting. Achieving quality standards to obtain the ratings that enable it to compete and excellence, it was able to obtain the classification at the General Fire Department in the contracting of fire and alarm systems.
The company is also proud to be among the companies and private sector institutions that have contributed to the renaissance of urban and urban development and construction witnessed by the two countries during the past years.
Seninay General Trading  Company is proud to have the expertise and capabilities to occupy an advanced position in its field of business.
The company is also keen to use the latest methods used in the management of projects and take the best methods in the security and safety system used in projects.

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