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Public Relations and Marketing Department 

We work through the Department of Public Relations to extend the basic links between SENNAY Contracting Company Ltd and the public, whether they are our clients or others. Where the tasks of the Public Relations Department are based on preparing organizational arrangements and timetables for organizing events related to us, also we Provide all the information and data about our company and current, future and development projects and present them to the public.

In SENNAY we proof our ability to manage the crises that the company is exposed to from external factors or problems facing partnerships or customers, where our first goal is ensure that building strong and positive relationships of trust with audiences and customers, And send them a positive picture of the company, working with each other with other departments of the company.

On the other hand, marketing is part of the public relations in our company, where public relations is the long-term factor that connects us with the public, unlike marketing, which can be measured immediately. By communicating through all our channels on social media and new media. 

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