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Seninay Company is committed to the growth of its trade and contracting services and provide customers with products and solutions that support their needs and provide their services to meet the specialized demands of customers in the field of trade and contracting such as searching for the interests of employees and customers of Seninay Company and satisfying these interests.

The contracting services of our company is a vital activity and in a major development in The Company Seninay Contracting Ltd Company and the company's activities do not depend on the contracting work of construction, finishing and maintenance only, but extends to commercial activities, and the efforts within the c

ompany are unified good gains between the management and all employees Who are serious, loyal and loyal to reach the highest levels of quality in our business  

Contracting activity includes: general contracting of residential, commercial and administrative buildings, mosques, finishing contracting, maintenance and decoration work.

The business includes: supplements, cosmetics and personal items.

Public Construction for Residential and Non-Residential Buildings

Construction, Restoration and Maintenance of Mosques

Types of Different Extensions

Plastering and Surveying

Rental of Construction and Building Equipment

Restoration and Rebuilding of Residential and Non-Residential Buildings.

Construction and Repair of Bridges, Tunnels, and Dams

Installation of HVAC Systems


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