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Message from the General Manager 

Praise be to Allah the Lord of the worlds and the blessing and peace of Allah be upon the most honored of messengers our master Muhammed and upon all his family and companions

Since god created humans to worship him first and then reconstructing the earth and prepare it to fit it and be able to live in it, people started to work hard to develop and raise the standard of live hood also countries started to compete in development and progress techniques, we are in SENINAY Contracting Ltd Company dedicated to this as much as we can, we use all our human and material resources to serve this honest country and contribute to the reconstruction of the earth by establishing construction projects and building mosques to be a true member of that , we have started work in several areas since 2017 in gradually and thoughtful, According to tight plans we have become one of the companies classified and competing in the implementation of state projects addition to private sector projects. Bearing in mind a bright future with the help of some talented Saudi ambitious youth, also elite engineers with practical and scientific experiences, technicians and skilled labor, those who we are proud of and they are honored by their successful participation in the work of the company.

Asking Allah Almighty to grant us good success.



General manager of the company

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